Zero-Waste Events

Zero-waste event

A World Without Waste

Zero-waste events make it possible to gather for fun and take good care of our community, resources, and environment. At these events, people are exposed to the possibility of a world without waste in a tangible and memorable way.

By first reducing and rethinking what's generated, then composting and recycling the discards that are left, we can ensure that even large events generate only two-thirds of an ounce of trash per person or less.

Interested in volunteering at a zero-waste event or internship opportunities? Contact us!

Zero-Waste Event Services

When we partner with organizations to plan a zero-waste event, we provide comprehensive planning, on-the-ground support and education, post-event reporting, and recommendations for future events.

Making Dirt, not Waste at Your Event

Small events such as meetings, parties, and weddings, can be waste-free by planning ahead and using these simple tips. We highly recommend that you work with a restaurant or caterer that is already composting, as they will have firsthand experience and a clear understanding of your goals and needs. .