Eating Out

Support Restaurant Composting

Where you eat matters. You can help reduce food waste by eating at restaurants in the Twin Cities that work with Eureka Recycling to turn their food waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Many of our participating restaurants have reduced their trash by up to 90 percent, and sometimes more.

In 2013 alone, the project's 50 partnering businesses composted a total of 1,619,000 pounds of material.

Removing food from the waste stream significantly reduces global warming impacts. When combined with these businesses' recycling efforts, the program created a greenhouse-gas-emission reduction equivalent to 2,034 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which has the same effect as removing 428 cars from the road for a year!

Choose to eat at restaurants (and support other businesses) that are making dirt, not waste.

Interested in composting services at your restaurant? Contact us!