Composting At Home

backyard composting

Composting at home is one of the easiest things you can do to significantly reduce your waste. And it saves energy, avoids the negative effects of wasting, and provides nutrient-rich soil for your yard or garden!

With just a little set-up, you can quickly start composting food scraps and compostable materials in your backyard or worm bin.

Backyard Composting

You can begin backyard composting by gathering your food scraps, yard waste, and non-recyclable paper materials and following these easy steps.

Worm Composting

Worm composting is an easy alternative if you can’t create a backyard composting bin.

Have questions about setting up composting at home? Please call our Zero-Waste Hotline at (651) 222-SORT (7678) or email us at

And to learn more about the environmental benefits of composting, check out our full report.

Connect to the Community of Composters

If you’re already composting, you can help reduce waste by sharing Laura and Katie's backyard bincomposting tips and information with your neighbors:

  • Help them get or build a bin
  • Help them find a place for their bin
  • Tell them about what they can compost
  • Share stories about how you like to compost and how you use your compost

Join the composting movement—visit our Eating Out page to support local restaurants, co-ops, and businesses who are Making Dirt, Not Waste!